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It S Playtime

It's Playtime

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 20
Cost to Train: 2 Upgrade Points
Recover: 140 - 160 Ego
Cost: Sexiness -8
Refresh: 2 turns
In tree: Recover, Girl!
Prev: Think Deep
Next: Summon Cheer Squad

Attack Phrases

It's Playtime The gloves are off! The pants are down! The panties are moist! It’s Play Time and you love it! Raises Ego by anticipating the sweet elixir of experiences to come. And by that I mean sex.

(This list is in progress - if you see a missing attack phrase, please feel free to add it!)

I can’t eeeexplain it, but I just luvvvvv to rub one out with a toothbrush!! Then again, I use man chowder as toothpaste, so yeah… Log in to see images!
I’ve been shoooooviiiiiiiiiing a clllllit rubber uppppppp my badddddddonkadonk for the last hour…am I donig it wrong???
Ooh…says that again to me, squeeze! male reproductive organsucker yeah1
soonnnnnnnnn i’ll be rawboned, soon!
I don’t know waht ti is about watching Supermarket Sweep, but it just makes me wanna rub my mons like a genie’s lamp1
how is it such mound of sticky dog-ugly flesh brings me such joy? damn it!
wow, tihs ben-wa balls is sew gigantic, it’s totally stretching my gash! my lips are hanging down like a bloodhound’s jowls right now Log in to see images!
Ne1 wanna guess how many fingers I can fit in my vajayjay? (I’ll give you an hint: it’s 9)
I wont you. I don’t want anybody else. And when I think about you? I touch myself. Ooh. Ooh-ooh. Ooh. Ahh-ah-ahhh-ahhhh.
I lent my sex pillow to my BFF so tonight I’m uuuuuuuuusing a pumpkin.
when I stick 8 fingers into my poon, chocolate milk pours out! weird huh?

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