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Think Deep

Think Deep

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 16
Cost to Train: 2 Upgrade Points
Recover: 80 - 100 Ego
Cost: Sexiness -6
Refresh: 3 turns
In tree: Recover, Girl!
Prev: Pump me up
Next: It's Playtime!

Attack Phrases

Think Deep You are not shallow damn it! You just think too deep for others to really appreciate you. Rises your ego and offers self discovery at the same time.

(This list is in progress - if you see a missing attack phrase, please feel free to add it!)

aw humans are different. But if we’re all different, that make us all the same.
If I cannot afford concealer, yet I need it to survive, is it moral to steal it from Drugs “R” Fun?
An expensive dye contains the same ingredients and was manufactured by the same company as the store brand dye. As a consumer, I am better off purchasing the less expensive alternative.
If young girls can’t figure out what 8 x 8 is, then how are they supposed to avoid getting ripped off when they buy their first webcam?

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