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Geronimo is the main rival of Sentrillion. Geronimo is a parody of Yahoo, a competitor to Google in the real world.

For the final mission of episode 2, Shallow Esophagus asks the player to pwn this forum. Since Shallow Esophagus is a Sentrillion employee, he wishes that the player aids him in the destruction of his rival.

When the player fights Geronimo, the player gets killed by a strange noise coming from his or her speakers. The player may re-enter Geronimo whenever he or she wants, but the thread will not decrease in difficulty. The Geronimo forum's last thread is able to deal enough damage to kill the player in one hit. This makes Geronimo unable to be pwned by any non-emo kid characters until episode 3 is released.

In ep.3, youll sorta help geronimo. An interesting note is that one of the guys from the tech support dies after sending you a tubsonic about the brown note. Near the end of the tubsonic, his voice gets garbled, and he goes all AARGHKAKDAHDAJHDS, then you hear splattering sounds, and you hear the brown note in the background, with an robotic voice, possibily from ps88.

Pwning Geronimo!

The guide to pwning Geronimo! with an Emo Kid: Pwning_Geronimo_

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