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Forumwarz Orange

Forumwarz Orange™

Forumwarz Orange™ is a series of interface enhancements, targeted towards 'serious' players and launched along with Episode 3 and introduced through a tubmail from Evil Trout; players were given a one-month trial. It consists of:

  • the ability to change the size of your toolbar, in order to add more abilities during battle
  • bumons that allow clearing all the abilities from the toolbar or extracting all the complete .moar files through one click
  • an "Auctions" folder in your Tubmail inbox
  • the ability to customize the tabs on the header
  • the ability to choose a set of favorite Flamebate emoticons, displayed on the left side of the text box
  • unlimited Tubmail storage, which caused controversy, along with the original price.

The price for a lifetime subscription is 150 Brownie Points and it rewards a 0.12" peen. Additionally, a one month subscription costs 20 BP, and a six month subscription costs 90 BP.


Forumwarz Orange™ was the subject of controversy after it was launched. Firstly, the original price for a lifetime subscription was 360 BP (the equivalent of 36 US dollars). The price was changed after several complaints, including an official CZ survey, in which users were asked to name an ideal price for Orange. The players who paid before the price change received a refund. Secondly, the "game enhancements" have been considered "patches" by some users, who used this to claim that patches are generally free. However, other experienced players, along with the CZ team, defined "patches" as the general repairs and bug fixes, which are free, thus solving the controversy. Still, the "serious" players for which Orange was originally made received these enhancements with positive reviews.

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