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Emo Speed Build

This might not be the greatest, but I’m really very happy with how it’s been running. The really notable sacrifice in this build is one of the coolest Emo tricks – Life After Death. I think I’d prefer to keep it and sacrifice something else. That ability is insanely cool, but it really wasn’t aiding me speed wise. The way I see it you have to click it once to activate, but the only time it doesn’t cost a second action is when it gives you the room to make the kill hit on a thread. Otherwise you still need to take your next action to use your Smileprin. This is two clicks plus a potential third in the future to replenish the tears you used to activate the ability – just using the Smileprin only takes one click.

Another pwning note: If you pay attention when you are playing, you can get a good idea of how much Ego is represented by the Ego bar. Letting it run as low as is safe before healing will speed your play, since Emo attacks do more damage when Ego is low.


Starter Pack

Luck o’ the Filthy fine upstanding member of society Level 1

Thrift Shopper Level 2

Whine-o Level 3

Tears Level 1

Pain Level 3

Egomania Level 4

Offense Level 8

Defense Level 2

Recommended Items

PruneServ™ and Fr4gGingR1teZ 2020 male reproductive organblaster™.

Eyeball Piercing (this holds up insanely well!)

Gothic Script Tattoo (for battle) & Chinese Tattoo (for rollover)


For a more rounded build, you could decrease Offense by one level to increase Luck, Thrift, and Upkeep.

One level of Defense could be sacrificed to get Life After Death (using the rest of the point in Upkeep.) You could alternatively sacrifice all of the Whine-o attack set for LAD, and use the rest for Luck, Thrift or Upkeep. (This particular speedy emo uses this method, as the 2-turn refresh for Whine about Significant Other is annoying as hell.)

PruneBook and the male reproductive organblaster mouse decay rapidly and expensively, but are worth the cost at lower levels since they're (together) roughly the same as adding another ego upgrade.

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