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Domination Tips Klan Raiding

Vanilla Raiding.

There is a lot of talk on Flamebate about Vanilla Raiding and it's advantages. More scoops is generally an advantage. What is overlooked is the fact that you really don't need a large number of players to earn klan vanilla.

I have no idea what you are taking about, what is klan vanilla?

Take a peek at this Vanilla Raid guide, it will give you a very good idea of the basics.

That seems pretty easy, why aren't more people doing it?

The biggest reason more people don't raid? They haven't bothered to try it, although it can also be tough when there are serious scheduling conflicts with other klan members. If your klan hasn't tried it, just go for it. I can almost guarantee you will all be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is than you thought. Go for a small scale raid, so that if you find that your klan mates can't get it together no one loses scoops. There is no harm trying if you still walk away with your lemons.

Scheduling conflicts are a tougher problem. They are usually a result of having a mix of Canadian and north/central/south American players along with European, Australian and Asian players. The time zone difference can be impossible to overcome. If you don't have enough interested klan members to form two different raiding groups, I suggest setting up a trade off system. One week raid when it is most convenient for one group, the next when it is convenient for the other group. This sounds great on paper until you have a raid at the less popular time and only two players show up. Sometimes it just isn't going to happen without recruiting more members specifically from those time zones. If that does happen, I hate to say it, but don't sacrifice the majority for the few. If you are the odd man out, realize that the rest of the group probably isn't going to shift things to fit your schedule. Consider setting a clock for an every other week raid or start looking for possible recruits from the same time zones.

I want to raid, but the rest of my klan isn't interested.

Well, that kind of says it all. If your klan isn't into the Domination end game, you probably aren't going to get them talked into raiding. It can suck to think about leaving a klan with friends because you want to advance your game play, but it could be the only way to go. Consider talking to your klan leader about allowing you to recruit some more Domination orientated players or use a few Brownie Points to get another character so that you can branch out into a second klan.

I don't have a klan and none of the raiding klans are accepting new members, this sucks - what can I do?

Start a new klan. We need new klans to play in Domination. It's just not a lot of fun when 25% of the bracket is from the same klan. Get a move on, start recruiting! I started my klan with only myself, my 3 alts and my brother. We decided to see if just the two of us and my alts could grab some klan vanilla and we managed to earn 15 bonus vanilla scoops! Since then there have been several klans that consist of nothing but one player and their alts, these one person klans are successfully earning klan vanilla.

Put a notice in Flamebate, start tubmailing solo players you notice in Domination brackets. When I was first recruiting, if I saw a solo player who was playing a good game I sent them a note. It was well over a month before we attempted out first klan raid and only 7 players showed up, but we earned an extra 40+ scoops that day. Remember, you can always invite your friends to a klan, but it can be a lot of fun to invite all new people, too, and make some new friends. If it doesn't work out, try it again. You can always search for new members. (I will say if it's Domination you are most interested in, don't go for a theme based klan. What are the odds of finding 7 or more Domination players who love peanut bumer with pickle sandwiches and watching Pro Wrestling? Skip the gimmick, go for the game.)

My klan has tried to raid, but it just didn't work out.

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the problem, but the most common problems? Several raiders had their own agenda and/or you had no communication system. Here are some typical raiding problems and how to prevent them.

  • Raiders want to maintain their pistachio loop or are going for one of the progressive e-peens, so they want to switch forums rather than stick to just one.

You can raid while going for pistachio scoops, but it is much harder to keep track of the forums when that is going on. If your klan players want to do that, I suggest getting everyone to submit their list of forums, so that things can be organized in advance rather than trying to sort it out while raiding or limiting it to one or two players per raid doing this.

  • Raiders are grinding the same forum over and over in order to increase their cred or flezz.

This is fine, you will need to hold down some big forums anyway if you want a more secure base of forums. The key here is letting the person know that they will need to be patient, since the bigger forums are pwned far less frequently. Having more klan members who want to cred/flezz grind than those who want to run speed forums will not make for a great raid, but you will still achieve more scoops than you would without any raid, right? The only restriction here is that the 5 or 6 bar forums really need to be prepped. (You "prep" a forum by attacking the forum and then stopping at the final thread.) They just take too long to speed, and waiting for someone to speed the forum can force several visits to be wasted as other members attempt to keep control of the smaller forums.

  • Raiders aren't following directions - the plan breaks down 15 minutes into the raid - klan members who aren't involved in the raid keep messing us up.

Boot the trouble makers. If one or two players are ruining it for the rest of you, tell them. If they can't get it together don't let them ruin it for the rest of you! They can always come back into the klan after the raid.

Come on, don't you have any insider tips or tricks to make my raid more effective?

  • Set up a klan chat room. Regardless of how small your raid is it helps enormously to be able to tell whoever is supposed to be watching Wiccapedia that it has fallen to a non-klannie and needs to be retaken. Real time communication can also let you switch your plans instantly when you see that something isn't working the way you thought or when other klan members straggle in 30 minutes late. A klan chat can also really be nice for klannies to get to know each other a bit.
  • When running a small scale raid, you want several "anchor" forums. Anchor forums are those that don't turn over very often. There is no rule about what will or won't turn over, go to your klan Domination page and look at the forums listed at the top. Those are generally the least favorite. The goal behind anchors is fewer wasted visits. (A visit gets wasted during a raid when more than one forum is taken by a non-klannie bringing your total down to 10 forums. When that happens you need to spend 2 visits to earn one vanilla, thus the wasted visit.)
  • Have what you need, and don't try to do more than you can. Don't let that ambitious re-re tell you that he wants to be in charge of Gamefabulous personS - this is a horrible plan destined to make several people homicidal. As a general rule it is best to have players bumigned to forums that they can pwn with a very minimum of consumables, zero fear of dying, and you want them to be able to do it fast.
  • Who should I bumign to each forum? A good guideline based in combination on ability and the expense involved: re-res on the 0 - 2 difficulty forums, trolls on 0 - 2 difficulty forums, emos on 0 - 4 difficulty, camwhores anywhere. Anyone can do anything with enough consumables, but running big forums is far more expensive and time taking for certain clbumes, so why burden them with it unless they specifically request it? Ask before the start of the raid if players have enough consumables for bigger things.
  • So another klan is raiding when yours was planned. Reschedule. Unless you just want to have fun messing up their raid, you will waste a huge number of visits by trying to run another raid at the same time. (This is actually becoming easier as more forums are introduced. Use your best judgment.)
  • Mistakes will be made, visits will be lost or wasted. Laugh it off. It's a game, nothing more.

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