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Camwhore Stores

Episode One

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!These days it doesn’t matter whether you’re indoors or not: If you’re not wearing some kind of covering over your eyes, you’re a huge ****ing loser. StunGlbumes® sells all kinds of opulent eyewear, perfect for hiding that ugly face of yours. Sorry, it had to be said.
Log in to see images!There’s simply no easier way to increase your Sexiness factor than to throw on a pair of ****ty shoes. Female Dominance has been in the shoe-pimping business for three weeks now, and has a great selection of products for you shoe fetishists to gawk at.

Episode Two

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!The Camel’s Toe sells an bumortment of lingerie products designed to call attention to what is arguably the most beautiful of all longitudinal cutaneous folds: the labia majora.
Log in to see images!StunGlbumes is so last episode! Spex Offender sells all the hot parodied name brands for the discerning Camwhore.

Episode Three

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Whether you’re lying flat on your back with your legs in the air or stomping all over your boyfriend’s heart, nothing completes the look better than a sexy pair of shoes. Plus, it’s the only item in your wardrobe that will still fit no matter how much weight you gain! Indulge in your shoe fetish at High-Tops, where you’ll find the most least comfortable, least practical and most outrageously expensive shoes on the market!
Log in to see images!Victoria's Secretions This high-end lingerie retailer previously only sold its wares through a mail-order catalog available exclusively to chronic masturbators. But now it’s easier than ever for ordinary soccer MILFs like you to shop at Victoria’s Secretions! Combining a mix of private-label with external brands like Courtesanform and Laytex, Victoria’s Secretions fuses high fashion with high technology to accentuate your (mostly illusory) sexiness.

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