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Camwhore Speed Build

This build focuses on Offense and Ego. Due to the fantastic heal that Pump Me Up! gives, Camwhores don't really need a lot of Defense. Many sacrifice the Showin’ Some Skin in their build in favor of Upkeep or Luck.


Starter Pack

Thrift Shopper Level 1

Showin’ Some Skin Level 2

Recover, Girl! Level 2

Sexiness Level 3

Textual Abuse Level 3

Egomania Level 4

Offense Level 8

Recommended Items:

Obsolete Computer (for pwning 3 bar and under forums) and PruneServ™ (for 4 bar and up forums)

Tinted Sunglbumes (they hold up well enough that you can use them on all forums!)

Red Strap-Ons™ (they hold up well enough that you can use them on all forums, but I usually switch over to no shoes for 0 – 2 bar forums, Ultra Heels for 3 – 4 bar forums)

Fr4gGingR1teZ 2020 male reproductive organblaster™ (hope you didn’t sell it, not devastating if you did)

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