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Ebyns Academy for Underage Girls

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

Dear Legally-aged Sirs, Madams, and/or Transsexuals,

Are you interested in ‘teaching’ nubile young girls who have no sense of right or wrong? Would you like to keep them after clbum for ‘detentions’? Would you care to ‘educate’ our young, impressionable students in the ways of the world? Well, do we have a place for you! Join Ebyn’s Academy for Underage Girls, where all of these many options are available! No experience required, no background checks, bad credit, no credit, you’re already approved! Apply today!

Dear Underage Girls,

We’ve got free candy. Come on into the school. Nothing bad could possibly happen.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image CT Sexiest Sum**** on Campus Emo Kid 10 189966
Image Dupon Substitute Teacher Troll 10 67783
Image EbynRavynFUMoSCo... A CHALLENGER APPROACHES!! Emo Kid 6 6024
Image EbynRayvynVampyr... Headmistress Emo Kid 19 891439
Image FaerieFox MOAR LIKE fabulous personFOX AMIRITE?????????? Camwhore 14 191008
Image Fine Upstanding ... :ronpaul: Camwhore 9 40392
Image g0m Professor of Fellatio Troll 9 57838
Image Hadron Collider A Valuable Addition to Our Teaching Staff Troll 8 23469
Image iNcorrection Not As Cool As Ebyn Camwhore 7 13624
Image Inflatable Dartb... Ebyn Doesn't Know He's Not Bacon Troll 27 10211651
Image KiIIJ0y Ebyn's Dyrlyng (the Caek) Camwhore 9 48345
Image lolifangirl Sum**** #1 Troll 14 229932
Image MONSIEUR_SUGARPO... Foreign Exchange Loli Troll 13 162897
Image Pon Raul :ponraul: Hacker 6 9382
Image Raptor Lawd Reptilian Diety Troll 5 5247
Image rberg79 Sum**** #2 Troll 17 610576
Image sly_night Troll 23 2864328
Image The Kibby Hacker 21 1824360
Image Ultigonio WHERE IS EBYN?? D: Camwhore 27 9877772
Image WendyWatson Sum**** #3 Camwhore 9 46631