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Florence Cur-

Avatar: 267890 2013-08-25 15:06:49 -0400


Level 21 Camwhore


Redfoot Posted:

Huh, you changed from poorly role playing a camwhore to poorly role playing a troll. There is no end to your skills or beginning.

Troll? He was the one using scripts to autobid on every Earbleeder, so that nobody who needs it would ever have them and so that he could autosell them, even though he clearly had no need for Log in to see images!.

The worst part about this story is, he then spent 15 BP to get back at me, lol. And got his friend to come in here and call me a “troll”, apparently. There is no end to the level of patheticness epileptic_gina\Capn_Cook has, or beginning.

I wish we could lock threads, because this would be the point where every thread devolves into an unholy ****flinging contest. But instead, I will only say:


(Turns out that my item didn’t get deleted, like I had thought it would. Huh. o.o I reported for nothing, then! And got a whole bunch of Log in to see images! @.@ But if mods object to this, then please refund me my Earbleeders and please refund the last bidder to “win” all the money, I only asked for 600k for the Earbleeders.)


EDIT: It was 15 BP, doo doo doo!
Florence Curious edited this message on 08/26/2013 9:53AM
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