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Raven Ebonlo-

Avatar: Emo Girl

Level 13 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

That drawing took me eight minutes to draw by hand and scan it by putting it up in front of my PC monitor you ho, what does a European know about real art?

You know when you get the picture of your mammary glands replaced by the one of Stanley the Retard? That’s karma for not understanding how hard it is to draw and put stuff out there for very special fabulous persons like you to rip apart, a true artist suffers for their work just like what you made me do well now guess what? You can’t escape your fate, my prayers to Nemesis the Avenging Angel have been answered, now you’re as fugly on the outside as you are on the inside, because all good people sometimes get justice and you just got yours, you lying ****, how dare you say I didn’t drew this? You think you’re such a high dollar bling bling hooker with your two BFFs, well, I have a personal bodyguard in forumwarps too, he’s the one who showed the world your true nature with the Hexy no Justu spell! My personal bodyguard loves me so much that he spent 10 of his OWN bp just to prank you, how many BPs does Ashley have, you ugly harpie?

Michelangleo art style <<<<<<<<<<< anime FTW!!!

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