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Enjoy Coke

Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re

Level 15 Re-Re

gimme 100 brownie points so i can get on with this game srsly i cant get more xp from that stupid low level forum gotta get on w/ number2 now but i cant find the pbumword and it keeps saying i must go buy **** but i really dont want to pay money for an internet browser game so dead the last winner of insit is 2 years back.

so start making this f2p and lower prices on pranks and spread the word on myspace for all the nerds and uir kll get more money anyway so its a really good idea for real

wtf insit empty every damn dayEDIT: i can get bakc tomorrow to fix my post and maekd it more porper cgrammer jsut not today cause too tired man man.

so gimme 100 brownie points for this brilliant ****ing idea ai maked and i can get on with everything yo

,auye just leaving tomorrow again i only found this from a spam filtered email anyway lol

Enjoy Coke edited this message on 06/19/2013 4:31AM
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