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Patently Chi-
ll Prestidig-

Avatar: 128746 2011-10-09 04:24:59 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 69 Troll

Celerysteve is incredible... he is just so... so incredible.

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Hey guys,

Normally I’d do this in the Apprentice forum, but right now it’s pretty dead and this place is bangin’. Log in to see images!

In honor of Christmas coming up, I thought I would be fun hold a sort of internal an Easter Egg mini-contest! Log in to see images!

Basically, come up with some interesting results for Sentrillion searches. Current examples are “evil trout,” “shallow esophagus” and “fail” (NSFW).

Keep in mind, there isn’t much we can do, other than an image (that we have rights to), some flashing red text, custom madlibs, etc. And they should probably have something to do with the Forumwarz storyline, but we’ll consider anything funny and/or bizarre.

Best idea gets their main character’s user name as an Easter Egg as well! We’ll have to agree on what the results will be for the search.

One SUGGEST! per post, unlimited suggestions allowed, contest ends in a week or so.

Log in to see images!

jus so you know

Joseph of Suburbia Posted:

im about to do a fuknig pirouette off the handle numpnuts if you dont find this completely hilarious i guess you are just completely dumb geez dont you get this is the funniest stuff ever

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