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When Celestia got Fluttershy’s letter and pictures, she couldn’t help but masturbate over them. While she was masturbating to the pictures of Rainbow Dash’s male reproductive organ and her colorful semen, the door cracked open and Luna saw what Celestia was doing. Luna went into the room trying not to be heard but then Celestia saw her reflection on the mirror, “This is not what you think it is” Celestia said as Luna staired at her naked body. “Sister, I know just what you’re doing” said Luna as she took off her clothes, “I do it to”. They closed and locked the door as they masturbated to the pictures together, feeding eachother their bodily fluids. Celestia then looked at Luna’s woman's genitals and aimed her horn at it, Luna responded by laying spread eagle. Celestia poked her horn into Luna’s woman's genitals, “Oh yes, oh yes!” Luna cried as Celestia twisted and turned her horn inside Luna. Luna then pulled the horn out, turned and pointed at her flank, “Do it here now” she said. Celestia proceeded to poke her horn into Luna’s stary bum, twisting and turning her horn again and again, “Faster, faster!” Luna cried out. Celestia not only twisted and turned her horn faster but also casted a vibration spell on her horn, causing Luna to have a violent orgasm making her woman's genitals all wet. Celestia licked the fluid off of Luna’s woman's genitals while she was bein suspended from her horn, “Yes, yes, thou is perfect!” Luna yelled in the royal Canterlot tone. Later that day they both got tired and slept together kissing in the night, living happily and lovingly ever after despite their rocky relationship in the past 1000 years.

12/06/2011 8:23PM     | #
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