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One day Fluttershy noticed that her woman's genitals was itchy, she scratched and scratched it until she felt aroused. She went outside into the forest and sat pretty when she saw Rainbow dash land by. ”’Sup.” said Rainbow dash, “Rainbow, please be honest,” Fluttershy laid down and showed her hot woman's genitals “would you **** me?”. Rainbow dash then grew a huge boner and pounced on Fluttershy, ****ing her again and again. Fluttershy Moaned very quiet moans as Rainbow dash ****ed her beyond point where her male reproductive organ was blisteringly red and burning “Stop Rainbow dash, my woman's genitals is burning” whispered Fluttershy, but Rainbow dash didn’t hear and continued to **** her despite the burning pain of her male reproductive organ. Rainbow dash suddenly felt the urge to **** faster and did a sonic raingreat times, Fluttershy let out a cry of equal joy and pleasure. All the ponies galloped to the forest to see Rainbow dash rain****ing Fluttershy, and they got aroused by this and started to masturbate. Pinkie got even more aroused and hopped herself into Rainbow’s bum “Oh, I feel a great vibration in my prostate” said Rainbow dash while Pinkie Pie was violently hopping on her prostate. Suddenly Rainbow came a much mor violent great times and launched Fluttershy in the air with her thick burst of rainsemen. Pinkie kept on hopping on Rainbow’s prostate making Rainbow dash ejaculate a near endless fountain of rainbow semen. Pinkie aroused by the noises ejaculated milk chocolate semen in Rainbow’s bum when suddlenly Fluttershy fell and landed herself perfectly on Rainbow’s blistering red male reproductive organ. Rainbow dash soon turned red and her male reproductive organ was finally tired with everything and fell off in a bloody mess. “Oh, I’m sorry for all this mess” Fluttershy said while the paramedics transported Rainbow and her male reproductive organ to the hospital. Suddenly Twilight came out of the blue and said “This would make a nice letter to the princess”, so they wrote about Rainbow’s sexual adventures and sent the letter plus a few pictures of it to Celestia.

11/27/2011 11:23PM     | #
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