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Avatar: 241263 2011-05-11 01:33:23 -0400

[Aperture Science I-

Level 4 Camwhore

lol forumwarps

r0b0tic_ka7 Posted:

What the hell, I’m throwing an oar in.

Who the **** are you and why should I care? I started playing this game since it looked amusing, and I’m aware that I’ll reach a point that I won’t be able to play anymore until I get episode 2.

What the **** you gonna spend this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY on? Episodes 2 & 3

Why the **** should I give you this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY? Because you seem like a nice guy and willing to help a noob out.

What are you going to give back to the community if I do give you this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY? Good question. I’m not sure how to give back, I suppose by being relatively active and helpful.

How much of the 150 beeps do you want? Preferably all of it, but since you don’t want to give all of it away then 100 for episode 2

What the ****, are you very special? You’re still able to play after you finish episode 1, and trust me, you’ll get bored and stop playing.

You’re either going to leave entirely (which is the best option), end up playing dom (which is very special), or spend the rest of your time here in a state of self loathing and trying to fit in.

you won’t
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