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Jalapeno Boo-

Avatar: 44 2012-11-06 12:31:55 -0500

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 44 Emo Kid

I had the first bum avatar.

Inconnu Posted:

Good stuff, this new contest thing. I’ll use the chance and bring up the old E-Peen redesign idea I’ve had.


The contest goal is to determine the worst e-Peens designs according to community and redesign them into something new. Contest is led by Host, who picks an independent Judge Jury (possibly 3 players).

Contest consists of two parts:

  • users determine the top-5 (could be top-10) worst e-Peens
  • users submit new designs for the top-5 (along with any extra ones), winner is decided by judge jury
  • Optional: users vote for the winning design(s) instead

Part 1 :: Getting the worst 5

  1. Host opens thread for submissions.
  2. Each applicant submits the names (possibly followed by e-Peen images for convenience) of e-Peen design he considers worst.
  3. Judges can submit items for top-5, but can’t participate in redesign process.
  4. The submission round should take no longer then a week.
  5. Upon the deadline, judges go through the submissions and sort out the designs, which got most mentions.

Part 2 :: Redesign

  • Host opens another thread with contest description.
  • The original 5 worst peen designs are listed in OP.
  • It’s also worth consideration to include the “blank” e-Peen template (JPG) for users convenience.
  • One submission per player (alts do not count).
  • Judges can’t submit.
  • Every player could submit up to 5 designs total (one per each worst 5) plus unlimited amount of bonus entries.
  • Bonus entry includes redesign of any other Peen that didn’t make it to top-5
  • Medal/Streak peens should probably be excluded from normal submissions (could be submitted as bonus).
  • Submissions are processed through TMs/e-mails and aren’t disclosed.
  • Submission must include the image of new e-Peen design – text descriptions/ideas are ineligible.
  • Submission must be unique – changing colors or adjusting another peen design is forbidden.

Part 3 :: Winners and Prizes

  • The judges vote for top-3 designers (could be public voting in case there are not too many subs)
  • Winning criteria include funniness, exclusiveness of the idea and overall quality of design.
  • The winner gets e-Peen (Iron Designer could be re-used here), top-3 gets BPs + their designs are of course implemented (just in case there are too many winner designs total, CZ gets to pick the ones to implement).
  • Additionally winners get a mention on FWZ Credits page.
  • The best bonus entry gets a special BP prize, but is not implemented.

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