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Avatar: Sneakers

[The British Gentle-
men Society

Level 22 Emo Kid

“Bleeding Heart”

Something_Witty Posted:

Yeah, and when you try some hard love like a good toilet head dunk, it just makes them worse. It’s like a hydra…..but with whinyness and ****ty poetry in the place of heads. Log in to see images!

Snap! Fellows, they’re onto us! Quickly, someone kill, I dunno, Bryonic Ray Ray or some ****, before their suspicions are confirmed!

Ahem. Nope. We die all the time. It’s just, y’know, the world is so DARK and PAINFUL that it seems like we come back from the dead, ready to spread our malign influence through bad poetry and attention whoring. There is no Emo Rick Conspiracy. Go about your busniess.

OP, the most important thing to remember about Emo Kidding is that it’s a delicate balance between “Low enough to do decent damage.” and “Dead.”. Don’t be afraid to suck it up and take the slow way through some of the harder forums-speed runs are an endgame thing for us.

Also, be sure to use your defensive buffs. Some people would say different, but some people think that R. Kelly’s innocent. The trick with Emo Kiddery is basicly knowing when you’re limping and when you’re going to die. A better chance of dodging a hit means a little longer at a low damage percentage. As for Life After Death, it’s easy to loose track of how low your ego is in the heat of the moment, and good timing with this buff can save a forum run. ...or at least a few hundred flezz on healing items. Generally, the secret to LAD is not, I say I say not trying to attack after you’ve been brought back to life. Life After Death is insurence; you get a few super high damage attacks off(As an example, my I Have Issues does around 60-65 at full health, and over a hundred when I’m at 10 ego.) without worrying about a lucky hit killing you, and once you’ve been ressurected, it’s time to heal. You don’t get to bounce back twice, see.

It takes finesse, and even then we don’t have the sheer damage potential of Camwhores, or the survivability of Trolls. If your friend’s still having trouble, I suguest that she spend some time on the lower level forums-it’s something you get better at with experience, and even cred gained from a failed forum attack lets you get closer to leveling up, which’ll make dealing with the higher level forums a lot easier.

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