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Jalapeno Boo-

Avatar: 44 2012-11-06 12:31:55 -0500

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 44 Emo Kid

I had the first bum avatar.

Hey, party people! Sorry I took so long to judge this. All that travel and work to catch up on…you know how it goes.

Anyway, some seriously funny entries in here. Some of you have some real talent in this realm! And no, I didn’t judge based on their haiku-worthiness.

First place (50 Log in to see images!→ “Hitler ran his fingers lovingly through Anne Frank’s dark hair. Then he tossed it back on the pile to be woven into socks for submariners.”

Second place (30 Log in to see images!→ “Using a complex system of pulleys and wires, I have animated Michael Jackson’s corpse. Now he can Moonwalk forever. *sniff*”

Third place (20 Log in to see images! great times!’”

Dishonorable mention 1 (10 Log in to see images!→ “Jonny’s sister couldn’t run very fast, but she sure sucked a male reproductive organ at lightning speed. The trick, said Jonny, keep her inhaler until she’s done.”

Dishonorable mention 2 (10 Log in to see images!→ ”’Look mummy, there’s an airplane up in the sky,’ he said on his first, and last, visit to the WTC.”

Thanks to everyone who entered! Next time, I promise, there’ll be some sweet sweet (sweet) E-Peen up for grabs. Stay tuned…

Jalapeno Bootyhole edited this message on 08/12/2010 11:52AM
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