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Avatar: 104768 2015-08-05 14:57:49 -0400

[Forumwarz Speakeasy]

Level 69 Hacker

I pretend to have bp...

man-man Posted:

Important to know, there’s more genetic variation within any given race than between them, meaning you can easily be more similar to someone of a different race than you are to people of your own race. It’s mostly a social construct, not a useful biological distinction. Excepting a handful of cases, where there are genetic traits more commonly found among members of a particular ethnic group.

I’m glad someone pointed this out; I probably should have instead of accusing him of trolling, but I was a little stunned (and confused by the inclusion of Jamaican and gay as racial groups).

male reproductive organFACEPANTS Posted:

All people were originally white, but some of them sinned and so God punished them by giving them various skin colors.

I **** you not this is what some Christians believe.

I would say some Christians believe in this the way that some Christians believe in werewolves. No point in rolling a billion or so people into a category with a few thousand loonies.

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