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I apologize for my absence. I was… disposed of by a bleating black goat with a thousand dark spawn. The damned thing kept dry humping my leg. Disgusting.

I will respond to your queries as they were posted.

Spot Posted:


You’re one of those nice, normal dogs. Aren’t you? Yes? Nice. Normal. No weaving between spaces for you. No tearing people apart in marketplaces. I should like to pet you.

Kerrigan – Queen of Blades Posted:

Mad or not, I believe that it would be in my best interest to test out what you have written Abdul.

Should such creatures exist I may have use of them but fear not for I have no real use for their living forms that cannot be taken from their corpses. Upon their summoning I shall dispatch of them though before that I require some information from you.

Your wards and symbols, do they affect all creatures or merely those from other dimensions? Furthermore, can they be pbumed by those from our dimension if necessary?

Signs and seals can work on any creature. Living, dead, undead. Spatial or dimensional. It’s all a matter of “Right tool for the job”. And I’ve found that an amount of coaxing is required to get them through to our world. Save for the ones trapped here already.

This is of note to you and you alone: I have seen the future and I beseech you – Beware the blue skinned ones. They come harboring magic and technology and a sharp hatred for your kind.

Ger-Man Posted:


You’re speaking gibberish, my friend. Although, I am interested in this “Cosmic Key” which your planet is hiding from the rest of the universe. Care to work out a trade?

Abdul Alhazred edited this message on 06/21/2010 2:20AM
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