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Advanced Role-Playing

A forum where true role-playing is strictly enforced! Here you may ONLY post as your class or character.

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FAQ STICKY: READ ME: ITT we strictly post in character (and no embedded shock) Latest Post Jalapeno Bootyho... 2 1846
Rage a wrewolf bite me ( 1 2 ) Latest Post MELLTD FACE 22 467 Skyman747
Feature I Am A Hacker ( 1 2 ) Latest Post The nerd o powa 22 988 RSCakeBomb
Debate Advancedly roleplay h ere Latest Post Skyman747 6 134 sdgrbass09
E-Peen(tm) male reproductive organ Latest Post Arch Fox 7 434 Arch Fox
Rant WTF man! Latest Post Savage Henry 8 396 xsundae
Feature dead baby jokes ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Albert Fish 23 914 iMac G4
Whores eeeeek wut is this?! Latest Post Flora 19 515 swine
Spam Remember that time Latest Post sdgrbbum09 11 392 iMac G4
Spam First 1000 people ITT gets a beep ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Raffle_Ticket 46 764 iMac G4
Hell RIP /b/ Latest Post Ridiculous2pick 14 470 iMac G4
Animu The arrival Latest Post Recoome 17 504 iMac G4
Ban Me emo advanced roleplay in the year two thousand and thirteen Latest Post johnalds illegal... 1 274 johnalds illegal...
Hell Auction: My Parent's Wedding Rings Latest Post Emotika 16 629 Bacchus
Poll How do you feel about blood? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post viscera 36 1185 buttmonkey2011
Fly Fishing I AM ADVANCED ROLE PLAYING IN THIS THREAD :fabulous person: Latest Post Johnald The Robo... 5 406 UnitedCheesecake...
Ban Me Post in this thread and I will permaban you ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Ricket 54 1419 Dunatis
Debate Alt Parades ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Dunatis 49 923 Gordon Gray
Feature ARP as youself thid is a good idea everybody is gonna do it so do it first to be a trendsetter or at least be one of not the last or at lebumt cool enough to have posted because oh man this will be the one we talk about like the good olddayys ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Celerysteve 39 577 Bacchus
Request ISO Doug December Latest Post Lola Frances 13 464 Bacchus
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