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“Trojan Horse Magnum”

Hello everyone!

As you already know, I’m quantumenergy, and I’m from the future. I’m your future!

But there’s something you probably don’t know, the era I am from is actually not very far away. I’m from 19th Jan 2038, when the world will end. And I have a mission to fulfill.

The story started in this time and age you guys are living in. A lot of research had been done on quantum mechanics. Scientists discovered the great potential of quantum energy, and as history always repeats itself, they were ready to move onto the next step – producing quantum power, as an alternate source of power to replace traditional ones, such as coal, oil, gas, water, wind, and even nuclear power.

The development of quantum power, from 2013 to 2026, was a great success. In May 2026, the first quantum energy reactor was built in Alaska, producing enough power for the entire continent of America. Shortly after that, three new reactors were built in Europe, Asia, and even Africa, producing enough power for the entire world. Things were going so well that the quantum scientists even started making quantum-powered spaceships, travelling 100 times as fast as their nuclear-powered counterparts.

However, the prosperity didn’t last long. Progresses had been made in quantum physics, but on the other hand, computer science had been neglected. The quantum computer project, which was supposed to bring the computer world to the next generation, had been dropped due to lack of funding and interests. Despite many efforts by the Free Software Foundation, lead by Richard Stallman, traditional computers could not overcome the year 2038 problem, also known as the Unix Millennium Bug. On that fateful day, 19th Jan 2038, DOORS, the supercomputers controlling the quantum energy reactors went out of control and caused a huge quantum explosion. The enormous power released by the explosion blew the Earth into smithereens. Almost everything turned into nothingness. Almost!

Fortunately, during that very moment, the explosion also created a closed quantum space, taking the only 3 survivors along the pbumage of time, to this era of yours. I’m the only human survivor. The other two are a trout and a hammer. Although being taken to the same destination in time, we were separated in space. I am destined to find the other two, and although altering history is a taboo in time travelling, we must combine our powers in order to save mankind from total annihilation.

Brave Forumwarriors, will you lend me a helping hand in this fateful quest, for a brighter future of our world?

quantumenergy edited this message on 05/22/2010 4:44AM
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