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King Krimson Posted:

What’s your opnion on Nightgaunts? I think they’re awesome, along with those Ghoul fellows.

Un-natural creatures. Excellent servitors. I glimpsed them once as I dreamed of Ngranek. And the ghouls disgust me. Grave-robbing vagabonds in their tunnels. الغول, should not be trusted. I’m sure Nobody Owens here would be happy to share more information on the subject.

King Krimson Posted:

And about your book: through pages 109 to 154, the text just repeats the phrases ‘ARRRGH’ and ‘THERE IS NO GOD’ over and over, along with a couple of bizzare drawings. What the hell was that all about?

Hahaha. We all go a little mad sometimes. Nothing to worry about. And please, don’t go redrawing those scribbles on a stone wall, with white chalk. By candle-light. On the third night of the month. It is gibberish and nothing more. And NO GOOD would come from you meddling in things.

Master_Troll Posted:

>implying this makes any sense at all

How do I do this… Let’s see.

(It’s this key > right? To denote sarcasm? Yes?)


>Implying reality makes any sense at all.

Once the veil is lifted and you see beyond worlds, nay, Universes you shall see. My friend, you may see yet. Keep your wits about you. O! We may not make it out alive. Though, a loss of life may be a weak punishment for our treading upon the lands of The Old Ones.

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