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Mathew Jonson

Avatar: 96817 2010-03-01 18:20:48 -0500

[Fire Robin Ward In-

Level 61 Emo Kid

“Final Cut Pro”

duca Posted:

I honestly don’t think this will do anything. If people wanted to seriously roleplay they would. They just don’t

Having a ‘private’ or ‘unique’ forum won’t change the fact that no one has any good ideas or the time to do it. It also won’t change that the people who took it seriously left a very long time ago.

Go ahead and make it but I don’t see it working. The user base has changed. Accept it, move on. People from 4Chan and ED do not want to pretend to be a emo kid.

This is very true. Log in to see images!

I personally wouldn’t be eager to participate in such a forum either. Why? Because there would be even less activity than on the normal forums and because it would be rather exhausting to deal with all the guys who are “trying too hard”. LHO is actually right about saying that too much RP can be annoying, especially if someone tries to force you into it. The most entertaining RP characters here never had that much trouble with “RP hate” anyway.

And the highest enjoyment I got from Flamebate wasn’t caused by the most cleverly thought out character. The posters I enjoyed the most (and I’m pretty sure, others did, too) usually didn’t take themselves too seriously. And often, it weren’t even particular people, but rather group dynamics that made Flamebate fun. And this is what’s missing: There’s absolutely nothing going on here anymore. No people worth making fun of, no super-drama regarding certain bans or admin actions or anything, no klan warfare, no rule bending, nothing. Even when h0g left, not much really happened in the RP section. Log in to see images!

If I started a thread one year ago, 75% of the posts in there would have been pretty lame already, but I would have definitely found something to continue the thread. If I start a thread today, I don’t even have to bother looking into it again.

Mathew Jonson edited this message on 03/24/2010 7:26AM
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