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Avatar: 23167 2010-01-24 16:31:18 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 35 Emo Kid

I haven't seen a bad idea that I didn't like.

Skyman747 Posted:

Oh yes, lets fraction the dwindling userbase even more by making a secret forum for everyone to spend their time in. Great idea as usual.

Oh, sorry. I guess I must’ve missed where you added your own stunning and contributive ideas. I would’ve certainly looked to them first for inspiration prior to my post.

The Ghost of Hobart Bliggity Posted:

Remember when I tried to take over the trollhole? Remember when what you just described is what I tried to do over a year ago? Remember?

Thanks for coming around.

Remember how I totally supported it and was your Head of Furries and Fine Arts? Thanks for not following through with any of the fun after the novelty wore off.

Mazzon Posted:

Ok so either you’re invited and you’re a cool kid or you’re not invited, not wanted, and of all around a person of less value. This is essentially what it boils down to, at least in the eyes of people who want to post but aren’t allowed to. And that is exactly what makes people WANT to troll this elite special board, especially since there might actually be something to disrupt.

Wow, talk about a false dichotomy. That could be on a fallacy wall poster.

You seem to be bumuming that this will be nothing but intensely strict and heavy-handed favoritism. If you want an invite to the forum, ask for one and you get one. Most people who don’t like or want to read people trying to rp won’t really want in, and if people do, they can get in.

If someone acts like they want in, then ****s the place up with shock and whatnot, they get kicked out again. I mean, it’s hardly the ridiculous “Oh I didn’t make the cut so I must be OF LESS VALUE Log in to see images!” you’re playing it up to be. It’s not like “You must be THIS GOOD of an rper to make it in.”

Mazzon Posted:

Emphasis added. About that… no. Not everyone has a bunch of alts to throw around. This game and along with it flamebate is also open to non-paying public who are restricted to a single character. Easy to forget, I know.

Your condescension is very productive, might I add. And while you might not have a bunch of alts to throw around, a very large percentage of the forum community here do. And seriously, so what if they can’t use other alts? My point was that a lot of people having them lends itself well to roleplay. Your point really said nothing except that you’re very upset about people having more alts than you.

Mazzon Posted:

Also what comes to those ‘serious roleplaying forums’ I’ve yet to see one that didn’t degrade into a juvenile narcissistic circle jerk within a month or less, but of course that doesn’t prove there aren’t those that don’t so whatever.

Please, do enumerate what “serious roleplaying forum” communities you’ve actually been a part of, and then I’ll address that.

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