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Avatar: Bug (Microscopic)

[Too sexy for membe-

Level 37 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Shii Posted:

That’s why I thought when JB said ‘subforum’ that he meant ‘secret subforum’ that you could only get access too if you’re invited, and access can be revoked. That way the good posters/rpers can play around in it without worrying about joe troll ruining their great storyline or tear-jerking melodrama.

Ok so either you’re invited and you’re a cool kid or you’re not invited, not wanted, and of all around a person of less value. This is essentially what it boils down to, at least in the eyes of people who want to post but aren’t allowed to. And that is exactly what makes people WANT to troll this elite special board, especially since there might actually be something to disrupt.

Shii Posted:

Forumwarz is even better suited to the epic style of rp than normal forums because everyone has devoted and dedicated alt accounts specifically for roleplaying.

Emphasis added. About that… no. Not everyone has a bunch of alts to throw around. This game and along with it flamebate is also open to non-paying public who are restricted to a single character. Easy to forget, I know.

Also what comes to those ‘serious roleplaying forums’ I’ve yet to see one that didn’t degrade into a juvenile narcissistic circle jerk within a month or less, but of course that doesn’t prove there aren’t those that don’t so whatever.

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