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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

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Level 35 Troll


Bill_Murray_Fan_7383 Posted:

Well, first of all, I refuse to jump on the “LOL STORYTELLING” bandwagon.

Yeah, there’s no twists or turns; nothing shockingly new. But a story doesn’t have to be innovative to be good – Avatar has a solid love story and a good resistance story.

Second of all, **** you, and **** anyone who writes off special effects as “pretty pictures”. The crew of Avatar went to painstaking lengths to make the film’s world as beautiful and believable as it could possibly be, and the result is one of the most stunning film universes ever made. The use of color in Avatar rivals masters like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and the cinematography is brilliant.

In short, the “pretty pictures” of Avatar were worth well beyond $10 for me, and I’ll probably put out another $10-$20 before it cycles out.

Where did I say that Avatar didn’t have a good story? I was replying specifically to the idea of going to see a movie simply for the special effects. Special effects should compliment the story, not overshadow it or be a substitution. Does Avatar have more to offer than just special effects? I’m not sure, since every trailer I’ve seen so far seems to focus solely on the effects, not the story. That’s been what they’ve been pushing. If it gets a decent review for having a good story, I’ll probably see it. Even if it’s not ‘new & innovative’, that’s fine. The point is that special effects alone do not make a good movie. You still need a good story to go along with it, even if it is ‘tried and true’.

As far as actually seeing the movie in the theaters, I still probably won’t, but that’s a separate issue. I simply prefer to rent a movie to watch in the comfort of my own home theater. If I like it enough, I’ll end up buying a copy for my collection.

Regarding Pixar, they are an excellent example of quality work on both sides of the issue. And their stories are definitely ‘tried & true’.

Acid Flux edited this message on 12/20/2009 12:49PM
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