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Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington

Dunatis Posted:

I have seen a lot of porn in my day. A metric ****ton if you will, and I have handpicked 10’s of thousands of pics for my personal collection from the 4 corners of the porn world.

Solo, threesome, lesbian, gay, bi, orgy, oldies, milf, barely legal, hentai, furry, fetishes you need a dictionary to understand or 3 minutes to figure out what the **** you’re looking at, photoshops, Rule 34, Rule 35, illegal stuff that’s always floating around in the mix and even homemade by myself


This is where YOU all come in, you will all submit the hottest pics you have in your collections or have sitting in your favorites folders to be judged by a crack team bumembled by myself (by asking in a random IRC room) and we will all choose our top 5 pics and dole out BP accordingly.

Rewards!!! Grand total of 345 Log in to see images! up for grabs!!!

75 Log in to see images! – My Top Pic

45 Log in to see images! – My Second Place Pic

15 Log in to see images! – My Third Place Pic

45 Log in to see images! – The top pic from all the top 5 chosen by the judges

15 Log in to see images! – EACH of the top 5 pics of the judges (5 in total)

You can always try to please our judges rather than me for BP. We all have different tastes so who knows what will win.

30 Log in to see images! – Top Voted Pic according to a User Poll created from each of the judges top 5 pics

30 Log in to see images! – Top Voted Pic according to upvoting/downvoting

30 Log in to see images! – Top Voted Pic according to TM’s sent to me voting for their top 3 (Chosen from the same thread as the Poll after the initial contest)

Why have 3 kinds of user votes? Some people may not want me to know which they voted for, Polls don’t allow downvoting and I expect 3 different results from the lot of it. (I like social experiments… THAT’S WHY!!!)


1. Only 1 entry per alt. I won’t bug a Mod to check everyone’s alts so post as many pics as you want across all your guys if you aren’t too sure what we will find sexiest (Not at all a ploy to climb the Flamebate Leaderboard Log in to see images!)

2. Nothing illegal! I don’t care what myself or the judges are interested in, loli is out of the question! (Sorry guys!)

3. The first part of the contest will end on December 1 and the second part will end on the 15th of December. Get your entries in before then!

4. You can change your pic if you really want to, but make a new post and edit your old one to no longer show the image.

5. Judges can enter but cannot vote for themselves and while you can ask their tastes all you want, they are under no obligation to answer.

6. If you don’t want to admit to having a certain pic in your collection you can TM me with the image and I will post it under a pseudonym for you. You can also do this if you think your name will earn you poor votes.

And now for your judges

Myself (Of course)





Vageena Davis

Now go out there and turn us on for delicious Log in to see images!

Toxx, but I have to edit the part where the BBcode didn’t show up properly in the original.

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