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Avatar: 150029 2009-09-15 13:35:36 -0400


Level 35 Hacker

Verbose and long-winded as always


So, what the hell is all this?

A few weeks ago, I drafted the “TUBSWEETIE GUIDE TO PICKING UP A HOT BABE” and posted it to the ORIGINAL WeChall at

I dedicated it to Shank Ninja for crafting a kick-bum game avatar.

Then I got banned. Log in to see images!

Oh well. Happened to Fingerz too. Log in to see images!

I mentioned the “TUBSWEETIE GUIDE TO PICKING UP A HOT BABE” to Tubsweetie and half-joked that I’d post it to Forumwarz if I were unbanned.

He told me to do it.

I laughed and told him I was joking.

He responded that he already unbanned me, and that unless I posted the guide to FWZ asap…

he’d increase my ban time dramatically. Log in to see images!

And so… in a fit of fear and cold-sweat… and ever mindful of the Wrath of Tubsweetie… I found the old post and made it BBCode ready the better that it might be put on FWZ. Log in to see images!

And now… several hours later… (converting to BBCode is no joke… ) I present to you… the fruits of my Plea Agreement.

All hail Tubsweetie! Log in to see images!

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