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average mario

Avatar: Corset 2


Level 66 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

n00b65 Posted:

I don’t know of a build which would avoid Bruce Bear’s payments.

1) You are better off waiting to repair because broken equipment does not hurt you until the following visit. If you stuff breaks halfway through fighting a forum – you don’t have to pay for any hits thereafter because your stuff bottoms out at 0%.

2) This has been hinted at various places in the forums but I’m not sure if it has been straight out said.

If your frugality is high enough, you’re better off selling stuff after it breaks and rebuying it than getting it repaired.

It’s worth it for the following frugalities:

Plum Computers:   4, 5, 6
Stunglbumes:      5, 6
Infections, Ink:  5, 6
Female Dominance: 6
Illegalities:     6

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