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Avatar: Denim Skirt

Level 18 Camwhore

“Playground Pin-Up”

1338h4x Posted:

Why can’t we get affordable cars that run on 100% something-other-than-gas? There’s so many alternative sources out there and yet nobody wants to abandon expensive, polluting, scarce, terror-funding, etc oil.

Prices are not going to go down, the only solution is to stop relying on oil.

Altazimuth hits closer to home than you do. Yes, there are alternatives out there, and for 99% of the points they are much better than oil. However, they aren’t cheaper than oil (yet). Until oil prices rise to the point where they overshoot the alternatives for a significant period of time, we won’t see a mbum-shift in fuel choice.

Now, I’d prefer the alternatives myself, but keep in mind with electric cars (including hybrids) that the batteries still use Nickel. Lots and lots and lots of nickel, which is a poisonous pollutant. I’ve read about a plant up north (I believe it was in Canada, but don’t quote me) where the land around the plant is so dead Hollywood uses it for “Other Planet” scenes.

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