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Avatar: Denim Skirt

Level 18 Camwhore

“Playground Pin-Up”

Alright, I was reading the ”Can we get clarification on what is allowable in discussing forumbuildr submissions?” thread and thinking about the multiple suggestions about how downvoting needs to be limited, and inspiration struck. As those who’ve read my dribble before know, I tend to post my inspiration before thinking it all the way through, so don’t be surprised if this idea sucks.

Why don’t we combine a downvote limit with anonymous feedback? Implement a feature to offer feedback on ideas (it could be as simple as a tubmail generator). Put a limit on how many downvotes a player can cast, but raise that limit for every feedback that they send. As in, a player can only downvote X times, but that limit is reset or raised if they give Y feedbacks.

Thoughts, ideas, do I really really suck?

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