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Avatar: 80241 Thu Jul 02 20:10:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Camwhore

I love 12 inch fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organs in my arse

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Hey Forumwarriorz,

This is Part 2 of an exciting tripartite “Missionbuildr” campaign!

Note: Some of the following could be construed as Episode 3 SPOILERS FROM THE FUTURE, although we’re considering them “open secrets.” If you want Ep 3 to be total surprise, avoid reading this series of threads.

• Part 1: Name that NPC

Part 2: Slander the Crotch Zombie team

• Part 3: Forumbuildr takeover!

At some point in Episode 3, we plan to have a short IDC chat featuring a parody of the Crotch Zombie crew. They’ll point you to the subsequent stage within a mission.

This contest is all about putting words in our mouths: If you can come up with lulzy dialog for this chat, you can win a bunch of BP — and maybe even the coveted Awesome Sauce E-Peen­™!

Sbuming the admins: It’s something many of you do quite naturally. So nothing is off the table. Want to make fun of Evil Trout’s fiery red hair and video gaming addiction? Go nuts. BINGEBOT 2015’s alcoholism and supposed weight problem. Don’t hold back! Jalapeno Bootyhole’s ridiculous good looks and cartoonishly enormous wang? Hey, if you can’t stand the heat…

But remember this: Gay/lazy/incompetent jokes are kind of expected. Be creative with it, and you’ll go far! Don’t forget to dig up the dirt on Invariel, Timmeh, Abdullah_Oblongata or any other CZ irregulars. And there’s no reason to think none of our illustrious mods might not be part the chat, either.

How do you enter? Simple:

• Come up with a minimum of one and a maximum of five lines of chat dialog, in IDC format. It should be a typical day at the CZ “office.” The NPCs should be oblivious to Player 1 in the chatroom.

• A line can be as little as one word or as much as a couple of sentences; it just has to be a separate piece of a larger conversation.

• The lines can be standalone parts of conversation, or they can be a series of back-and-forth dialog, or any combination thereof — your choice, but you only get five.

• Example: “Evil Trout: BRB, male reproductive organ’s stuck in the Xbox again. Log in to see images!” We’ll change the names to reflect their in-game equivalents ourselves.

• Tubmail me your dialog. The subject should be “Missionbuildr contest – <your character>”. Do not post it here!

• You get one entry per account, so make it count. Be funny, check your spelling, follow the rules. Don’t enter with your alts, because we’ll be looking out for that. And TM me from the account you’d want the Peen on.

• I will accept entries until Saturday, July 25, 11:59 p.m. (EST).

Sweet Sweet Prizes:

• The winner will get 7 BP plus the Awesome Sauce E-Peen­™!

• First runner-up will get 5 BP!

• Second runner-up will get 3 BP!

The best line(s) of dialog will be decided by committee (how else?) with input from Crotch Zombie and your all-star Apprentice team.

NOTE: By submitting lines of dialog, you allow us to use and revise your content in Forumwarz without restriction. If we get a lot of really good entries, we may decide to use many of them. But we can’t pay BP for all of them, nor can we give the Awesome Sauce Peen to all successful contestants. That would take away from those who worked hard to earn it — but it makes a nice prize for what we hope is a widely entered contest!

Let’s do this, Forumwarz. Write your entries and Tubmail them to me. Don’t spoiler them here, but I’ll be posting some choice material, comments and advice along the way.

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