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“Buffer Overflower”

Okay. I’ve decided to change one of the rules of the contest. After thinking about it for quite a while, I have decided to change the restrictions on eligible contestants from one eligible character per IP to one eligible character per person.

My reasoning is this. The original purpose of this restriction was because I was trying to get the referral items in the game. Billy vs. SNAKEMAN only counted each IP once when awarding referral points. Furthermore, I was able to verify that players had unique IPs by keeping track how many players hit Chunin before I should have gotten the items and comparing it to how many players hit Chunin before I did get the items.

However, this is no longer the case. The first BvS contest was so successful that I received the last of the referral items on the first day of this contest. As such, my goal shifted from getting referral points to expanding the playerbase. Additionally, as there were no more items to get, I had no way of verifying that all the contestants did indeed have unique IPs anymore. As such, I have been operating on the hope that all contestants would fairly represent themselves.

Looking at the current situation objectively, any players who wanted to be douchbags and pretend their alts were different people could have done so without being caught, while those who were honest about sharing IPs have been excluded. With this change, honest players sharing IPs (such as siblings) will no longer be restricted as severely. Dishonest players, on the other hand, will not gain any ways to cheat that were not technically already open to abuse.

I realize that blindly trusting everyone to be nice and play by the rules isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, especially considering that among the contestants are cheaters and players who have admitted they’re only in this for the BP, but this appears to be the most fair way to balance expanding the playerbase as much as possible with preventing cheaters.

The first post will not be updated, both for Toxx reasons as well as my belief that if you aren’t willing to look through three and a half pages for a post like this, you probably don’t deserve the lesser restriction.


This is because I technically still have one method of checking player’s IPs. It’s expensive for my character and very time consuming, so if I have to use it to investigate an abnormally large jump in my student count I will be a very unhappy ninja. Any cheaters I catch like this will no longer be eligible to participate in the contest.

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