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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


Dunatis Posted:

Scoop earning limitations would help to even out the board for people who aren’t at the top of their streak since being in the last week of your streak nets you 390 scoops if you have 12 visits when you start on Wednesday, but unless we can see how many we’ve already earned that week or that day, it can really mess with the last few days depending on the limit and how you’ve been playing up until then, though 1000 scoops is probably rare enough as it is given the randomness of raids.

I don’t know if 1000 is the magic number, maybe it’s 600? Whatever it is, yes I think that it would even out the game and make it more about strategy (how do you use your scoops) and less about “how can I ‘game’ the system to get the most possible scoops” (It was always my intent for the game to be more about Strategy and less about exploits).

Once this system is in place we can easily focus on more goals (Fibonacci, most destruction, highest natural total [no cards]), better cards or card options (pay 4 for a card, if you don’t like the 3 you got pay 1 to get 3 new choices, pay 6 and choose the card you want) and new themes (themes that aren’t just testing bug fixes, but rather that are actually fun and improve the game) Log in to see images!

Dunatis Posted:

As for Antifreeze, right now some people have the flezz that they could turn on the gambling script all day and not even dent it, we need a limitation there.

Yeah I don’t like the idea of using gambling scripts. So maybe we would put a limit on the number of each scoop type you could earn?? But yeah, you’d need counters and would have to keep track of how many more you could earn that day/week (which is annoying).

Dunatis Posted:

As for Martyr, what if you awarded Antifreeze based on where they are in their streak? 3+ the gain of the next level of streak for every suicide (Life after death prevents the gain of scoops of course) would mean that some people would have irregular pwning patterns so that just in case they can have 1 extra visit if someone jumps ahead at the last minute and they really want that total scoops medal, or to help stay below the leader when going for mins. You’re sacrificing almost that many Pistachio scoops plus Lemon plus Vanilla not to mention Flezz or forums pwnd Leaderboard status etc…

Martyr is more for lazy people that just want some extra scoops for no work. It also exists because you can’t get much antifreeze anywhere in the game. I would hardly consider it a viable means for getting scoops. I think I’d rather define a better way to get Antifreeze and just remove the martyr option altogether. I mean really, does anyone actually get scoops that way as their primary source? No.

Dunatis Posted:

Pistachio, I say stop the gain at 20-30 or so and just have it stay there for every additional 4. This means Streaks are important but not game breaking and lets people be on even scoop gain footing for more than twice the amount of time as usual.

Yeah I’d probably agree with you on this. Something definitely needs to be done. Not sure what exactly yet.


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