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Avatar: 70951 2010-02-06 21:28:05 -0500

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:


The old thread was stale so I’m starting a new one. These changes are proposed changes and will be implemented as time goes on. Please provide feedback.

Raid changes:

– Allow officers to create raids without joining them (for now just ensure you have enough officers to raid)

Remove all ridiculous Raiding rules (raid only every 60 hours, raid group size limit, no alts allowed in raid, etc)

I’m fine with this as long as klan raiding still only offers one scoop per attainment of twelve. This will give klans an advantage, but not insurmountable with proper planning.

Scoop changes

– Martyr 3 times should yield 8 scoops instead of 1

– Add a “Mobsters backroom Wheel of Fortune” option to get Antifreeze scoops

Add a daily scoop earning limit of X (X = 200?)

Add a weekly scoop earning limit of X (X = 1000?)

Remove Antifreeze limit

The martyr change is a good one, and should probably be worth more scoops so that it’s actually enticing. Eight scoops just isn’t enough to make it a viable alternative to continuing even an early streak. Twenty-five might be worth the effort if you hit your one hundred streak mid-week, but only then.

I’m not a fan of artificial caps, but Antifreeze needs one. I did not play when it was a problem, so I do not have the first-hand knowledge of it’s broken nature. I do, however, know how to do basic maths, and I can read leaderboards as well. Uncapped Antifreeze would make Dom impossible for anyone not on the first page or two of the Flezz leaderboard. Having said that, I would like to see the limit raised to something more in line with the other flavors. I would suggest doubling the limit for the next season and see how that works. It might be worth considering only capping the Antifreeze earned through Gamble-Bot, basically allowing the Mobster Antifreeze in addition to the cap.

Other changes

– Every week Domination End time rotates 9pm, 3am, 9am, 3pm EST

– You can’t earn scoops in the last 24 hours of Domination

New Cards

Moar Themes


Dom end time change, new cards and more themes can only add to the strategic element of Dom, and therefor are good changes. The not earning scoops part just makes shields more valuable.

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