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ChuckNoris Posted:

...simply make that character with the kage of said village you’re interested in as your referral…

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But Chuck is right. Those of you that are just starting to hit Chunin have had enough time in your starter village to get a feel for what day to day operations are like in them. If you’re satisfied with your current village, that’s great! If not, however, now would be the time to consider switching to an Immortal Realm. If I recall correctly, there is a two day waiting period when switching villages without using TeleVillage potions (which are a bit out of your budget at this point in time), but if you’re stuck in Suck Village: The Village Hidden in FAIL, two days is nothing.

Also, while I have nothing against alts, please make sure you’ve got enough time to play them. By the end of your first Season your daily stamina will be about 3-4 times your starting stamina (provided that your village doesn’t suck).

And in more awesome news, our first round of prizes has been awarded! Congrats to Krystie, bitpixel (qsan), and guest42 (Tursi) for each winning 1 BP and JayZJay for winning 2 BP! A list of current winners has been added to the second post and will be updated as we go.

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