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Samildanach Posted:

Also, for all the other folks, like me, who just got started on BvS, you might be interested to know that there is an item – the PikaBike – that grants +20 Stamina per day. You get it by playing to level 100 and beating the boss in the less interesting game that came before Billy, . I like stamina. I’m working on it. I’m playing Lamhfada. After level 10, you can add other players as Rivals. Rivals basically seem to give free XP toward leveling and free “Awesome” toward getting useful items.

In other words, they are good. I want some. If you want +20 Stamina/day for Billy, like I do, feel free to join Animeversus and add Lamhfada when you can add rivals. You’ll have to TM me or something, because apparently there’s no notification when someone adds you, you just have to know to add them back. We can all rivalwhore together to make it as quick as possible.

Oh, and check the AnimeVersus wiki. There’s information on good starting builds and progressions there to help you level up quickly.

Add Kooler when you can add rivals and then tell me when you do so I can add you too!

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