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starwindlancer Posted:

Log in to see images!

Get started by registering with this link

The Quick and Dirty:

    Log in to see images! Click on the link above and register to play the game

    Log in to see images! Enter “Selke” in the referral field

    Log in to see images! Reach Chunin rank (really freaking easy)

    Log in to see images! Post your BvS Forum Sig in this thread

    Log in to see images! Use all of your stamina each day

    Log in to see images! WIN!!!

    WARNING: You may create up to three characters per IP, but only one will be allowed to count for the purposes of this game. BvS keeps track of the IP from which accounts are used to prevent abuse. Don’t try to game the system or it’ll enjoy you up the bum and you won’t be eligible to win this contest anymore.


    Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN is a free online game that parodies Naruto and plenty of other anime (kind of like ForumWarz, only with ninjas instead of trolls and male reproductive organes). One of the aspects of this game is a referral system that rewards players for introducing new players to the game. I want new players and the rewards that they bring, you want Brownie Points. Thus, contest is born and we all win.


    Log in to see images! Every morning that five new contestants have reached Chunin rank, I will randomly award five BP among the eligable contestants.

    Log in to see images! Eligable contestants are players that have reached Chunin rank and are in my student list that day.

    Log in to see images! Players will only appear in my student list if they remain active and use up most of their stamina each day. Go idle and you won’t win ****.

    Log in to see images! Players that are already students of mine are eligable to win in this contest if they post their BvS sigs and are at least Jonin rank or are at least Season 2.

    Log in to see images!.

    Log in to see images!

    Things Worth Noting:

      Log in to see images! DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT! YOU WILL REGRET IT!

      Log in to see images! This contest will run until all the BP is awarded, though I reserve the right to end the contest early if there are no new contestants for a long(ish) time.

      Log in to see images! The primary purpose of this contest is to grow the playerbase. At least try to enjoy the game.

      Log in to see images! Your odds for winning are very good in this contest, but they’re better if you start early.

      Log in to see images! It’s alright if you post your sig before you reach Chunin rank. I only need it as a way of verifying who your character is. I keep track of everyone’s progress independantly.

      Log in to see images! Don’t panic if you have an odd ammount of stamina remaining at the end of the day. If you’re playing normally, you’ll be fine. Problems with being marked inactive will really only arise if you leave lots of stamina unspent.

      Log in to see images! Try not to make offensive names. The game is rated PG-13.

      Log in to see images!


        Log in to see images!

        Log in to see images! The Official BvS Forums (available through the game)

        Log in to see images!

        toxx’d and sig’d

        Log in to see images!

        Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!

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