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Avatar: 180076 Wed May 20 02:51:32 -0400 2009

[generic racists]

Level 63 Hacker

“Phreak of Nature”

Advocacy Canine Posted:

I know alot of people hate INCIT. So much so that the wordfilter for INCIT is welcomed. Anyway there are people who like to play and would like to put forward some ideas for changes.

1) Title characters could be extended to 22/25 characters as often spaces and correct use of grammar can **** up a good entry when you run out of space. An extra 2 or 5 characters would also not over run…I think.

2)When less than 5 people are on the timer could be cut when everyone has submitted because, as it’s been said, “all this waiting sucks bawls.”

3) An easier way of submiting pictures for INCIT. If everyone could submit pictures they had found into a form or something similar rather than having to trouble a admin/mod I think there maybe some half decent pictures to caption.

Hope I haven’t stepped over any line, still fairly new here but just from playing for a week I have noted these things. The 3rd point is the one I really wanted to address because only having been on here a week I’ve seen some of the same pictures 2 times maybe 3 times.

I agree, except 30 + 60 characters on incit would be awesome.

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