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I would like to see the Game discussion forum kept a little neater, and I’d also like to see most of the RPG forums kept to a few basic rules just slightly tighter than currently. Keep one “anything goes” forum, probably Whiny ****es would be a good one to have no rules in.

It would be very handy to have two additional features: “view all posts by” and “ignore this poster”. The first would be a list of posts from most recent to least recent by the same person; the second would make all posts by that person be “you are ignoring this poster” and lack sig, avatar, title, everything but their name and the fact that you are ignoring them (and a bumon that lets you take them off the ignore list).

Edit: Velveteen points out that the view all posts by IS already available on the profile. It’s in the title bar of the Flamebate stats section.


The reason I’m not satisfied with “avoid the RP forums to avoid the nastiness” is that RP’ing is fun. Allowing IN character nastiness but not Out of character nastiness is one of the basic ways RP works. I’d really like a few RP forums that are in-between and allow the level of trollishness and emoness and whorishness that forms the core of the appeal of the game, without the excessive level of OOC attacks and RL acting out of the crap the game is making fun of in the first place.

Abyssinth edited this message on 04/01/2008 2:25AM
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