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Avatar: harblgar

[The Fondler of Bal-

Level 17 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Well as we ALL know the American Diplomacy gets off on squeezing money from the poor and offering sub-par treatments and PHENOMENALLY high prices. HMO, PPO, Blue Cross-Blue Shield… its all bull****. Under a Communist government paid system there would be no worries about funding from the people.

To me, those are just a bunch of 3-letter acronyms. But in case you were wondering, the health care here also excells at squeezing money, and offering barely any treatment at all. Being government-run and all. And it’s doing it’s best to hinder private health care systems, which are offering more while charging moreorless the same.

Thats Stalin you’re thinking of. He was the master of propaganda and unfortunately McCarthy made people like “you” believe that is all that Communism was/is about.

Ah, luckily I have only a vague idea who McCarthy was. I base my opinions on the fact that I live in country that struggled with communism for about 50 years. So, sorry about that, but I’ve seen it. I’ve read book that are elaborate metaphors, just to bypbum censorship. I’ve seen pictures and movies which were locked for years, as they didn’t support the party’s point of view. I know of people who were hunted down and murdered after WWII, as they were opposing the Soviet with the same determination they opposed the Nazis. I’ve seen posters teching people to contempt free traders, and glorifying physical workers (this can be answer to your doctor & garbageman argument, personally I rescpect people who work hard and with pbumion, no matter what their job is, I don’t know how you want from salaries to respect).

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