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Avatar: harblgar

[The Fondler of Bal-

Level 17 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

* In fact, the whole idea of owning property is dicouraged in communism. Everything’s supposed to be owned by “the collective” which quickly translated to “no one”. And people are treating it appriopriately. Thus, the whole agriculture, for example, is of ****ty quality because no one cares about how the crops will grow. As thay belong to no one, it’s no one’s problem.

* The graph of any hnatural ability in society will always resemble a Gauss bell curve. This means that people with above average abilities will always be a minority. Since communism promotes being avarage and punishes excelling in anything, it’s in their vital interest to be, coloquially speaking, to be as ****ing uninvolved in any communistic society as possible. And because since whe whole system works only if everyone’s supporting it, the government will do anything to keep them within the system. Which inevitably leads us to genocide. Yes, inevitably. The hasn’t been a single country in this world where communism worked. QED, I guess.

In a nutshell:

-I want to have the right to own property that is mine, and only mine, if I choose to.

-I want to have the right to be independent from any regular member of the society, and to have nobody be dependent on me, if I choose to.

-I want to have the right to get paid proportionally to the amount of work I do

-I want to think, speak, read and listen to whatever I want.

-I want to be able to do things that can be potentially dangerous to me, as long as I’m aware of the consequences. I don’t want the government to ben them because of ill-concieved care.

And the communism aims to take all, or almost all of these rights from me. How could I be NOT opposed to it, if it diminishes Freedom?

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