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Getting back on the subject of the proposal, I have to agree that I don’t really see the point. Maybe I’m missing something.

Why would thirteen people in any klan basically take a hit to their chances in Dom to build up cherry scoops for the klan? Why would any other klan care about the cherry scoops another klan might be saving up?

If raiding as no impact on Dom, why limit it at all? Why not let big klans raid 24/7? I agree with Inconnu, in that any equipment rewards would have to either be overpowered or basically inconsequential at this point to the end game players this is supposed to be entertaining. If we’re going to remove the Dom from klan raiding, we may as well remove the scoops from it and make it something completely separate.

But, other than general male reproductive organishness (which there is plenty of, admittedly), why would anyone try to blow up another klan’s cherry scoops? If the goal is to gain maximum cherry scoops, you’re only hurting yourself to spend cherry scoops doing it, and you’re only hurting your chances at Dom to spend any other scoops to do it.

As for the banking and spending, I think I’m missing something. First, if you’re spending the scoops you need to reach a higher level, why wouldn’t everyone reach the highest level they want before spending them? At the costs you’ve suggested, how many people are going to try? How many players want to raid for a month to get someone else an ePeen, with the promise that after twenty months of getting other people ePeens, they’ll probably get one?

As far as regular Domination goes, the biggest problem I have is that everything comes down to ten minutes at the end. Miss those ten minutes, and you may as well not even try. Aside from infinite klan raiding, that’s what I’d consider the biggest problem.

But, as far as Chocolate goes, I will say, INCIT is part of the system. If chocolate scoops end up being limited, saying ‘except INCIT’ is just leaving a whole for someone to eventually exploit. INCIT counts and if there are caps, INCIT should be included in those caps. If too many submissions means too many scoops, it might be worthwhile to make only some number of a person’s ‘best’ submissions count, but making them pick which of their submissions is going to be ‘good’ in any week is turning chocolate into the new gambling scoop. People with good submissions certainly get more chocolate scoops, but an idea that gave 25 scoops last week might get you 1 scoops this week before getting -5’d. At least until the inherent randomness of voting is resolved, don’t do anything to chocolate scoops. It’s not like it’s causing a problem, despite everyone’s best efforts to break them. If it’s not broke, why try to fix it?

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