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Avatar: 14446 Thu Oct 23 18:38:00 -0400 2008


Level 36 Camwhore

I Wrote a Script and You Liked It

Raepdog Posted:

[Some nonsense about how I hate him having never talked to him]

I can read boards just as well as anyone else can; I don’t need to actually talk to you to form an opinion about you. Incidentally, after talking with you in IDC, and inviting you to send in a second application to Brainfreeze,

Subject: Re: I say again

From: Raepdog

11/27/2008 8:47PM

I posted one before. I have people for me and people against me but from what I’ve been told I have a fair share of high ups against me. But that’s fine, if its meant to be it is, if its not, oh well? Im going to make my failure destined klan. We need more.

Thank you for the offer, not sure if its spiteful or not.


original message

Send me an application to Brainfreeze and I will post it, just as I post every application that I receive.

Granted, I didn’t reply to this one – life happened. But, this thread is a pretty good example.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: I say again

From: Raepdog

11/28/2008 11:44AM

Could you give me some examples of such actions? I try to be a very flexible person relaxed when needed and open and free when necessary. I can understand your dissatisfaction with me, its your opinion though I thank you deeply for have the respect and dignity to accept the application from someone you personal do not like.

As for the script I had forgotten you made it, I’m on my father’s laptop so I am missing it, and I must say I feel like I’ve lost my hands.

Thank you.


original message

It wasn’t spiteful at all.

I won’t hide the fact that based on your attitude in Flamebate (not just when interacting with me), I have voted against you, but I would have still posted your application as sent.

To your credit, you were rather civil when asking questions about my script, and I respect that, but most of the time I’ve seen you posting, I’ve not wanted to interact with you at all, and I most certainly do not want that sort of attitude in the same klan as me.

Raepdog Posted:

Raepdog, not an epic troll or epic anything.

Truer words have never been spoken.

I am the wizard that did it.

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