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“Venereal Biohazard”

meeeeeeeeee Posted:

So basically, congratulations to ET for giving an observent player the ability to quintuple the flezz they invested in Master Balls, or more. This is just plain ****ed up, and the fact a moderator doesn’t see a problem with it just makes it worse. Did you even consider running your plan by ET first?

Acid, you’re just contributing towards proving this games economy is a ****ing joke. What you’ve done here discourages other players from taking part. Because why bother if they have to put in magnitudes more effort, to make the same amount of flezz?

I despair at ETs ineptitude, and the corrupt mods and incompetent advisers that surround him.

Not to be rude, but why is the hit to the economy a big deal this time? Because it affects you?

ET cut the price of junk twice, both times unannounced, and each time I lost millions of Flezz. No one really cared, because it only hurt a few people.

This time, ET removes an item from sale, and a few people benefit, and suddenly it’s a huge deal, unfair to everyone, and accusations of corruptions are flying everywhere.

If steps are taken to remove the Flezz that as ‘corruptly’ gained by people buying Master Balls for resale, then I want the Flezz I lost from the unannounced reductions in junk prices returned. If one adjustment to the economy that affected a small number of people needs to be addressed, then they all should be.

If not, then people need to get over it, write it off as another bump in the Flezz road, and talk about addressing the real problems with the economy, rather than trying to turn this into a mod hunt (even though there are non-mods who stocked up as well).

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