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Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re


Level 9 Re-Re

Vote for me as Top Male Model because I'm the cute underdog

It’s 5 PM, and the contest is now over! The scoreboard looks like this!

1. CrinkzPipe – 688 <—- Winrar of 20 BP!

2. lolz_hax0rz – 315

3. Mrthar – 217

4. kbone – 24

Also, KingGhidorah (tremmortrevor) has not submitted a valid video response and did, thusly, not compete.

And the order of those who are getting the 2 bonus BP for the highest response for the second episode is as follows:

1. nexusmaxis – it doesn’t even matter how many hits, no one else even tried! 2 BP for you!

After I make this post, I’ll be sending out BP to the winrars. Thanks for playing!

And for those of you just getting here now, here is a link to the youtube channel in question:

Thanks for the support! Log in to see images! DOLDOE edited this message on 04/05/2009 5:11PM

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