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Avatar: 97127 Tue Jan 06 09:47:16 -0500 2009

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Troll


meeeeeeeeee Posted:

They’re not submitting 100% forum suggestions to game the system for a dom advantage?

If chocolate scoops were removed from the equation, how would that alter your submission strategy?

Should other players adopt the same strategy?

How would that affect Forumbuildr in the longer term, if everyone submits just forum suggestions?

Do you think that’s a good idea?

You’re gaming the system.

Gaming the system = playing the game. Okay, Mr. Doesn’t-Participate-In-Forumbuildr, ye God of Expertise.

If scoops were 2x what they were for Styles, Threads, etc, I’d still be doing forums. If forums were 1 scoop for every 20 upvotes, instead of 5, I’d still be doing forums. Why? Because I’m good at doing forums. I got close last time on ItemBuildr, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Why did I do that? It doesn’t give any scoops yet (does it?)

I enjoy writing the forums and editing them. I also have enjoyed trying for the logos several months, but I’ve found I’m not very good at that because I don’t have the time to learn Advanced Photoshop. That’s my problem, and not anybody else’s. I’ve written plenty of threads and posts and avatars — that’s how I started out doing my Buildr thing. But it’s nowhere as complete and cohesive as it feels to write a forum.

I suppose you want to tell me what my motivations are, though, because you’ve labeled me as “BoD” or God knows what. But the truth is, the scoops and Dom don’t matter all that much to me, except to **** off obsessed morons by using only a few minutes of my time. The creative element of Forumbuildr is what I like. And gee whiz, it seems to show. God damn me for winning sometimes. God damn me to hell.

But anyone else who wins, er…. yay, they rock and are a genius, not like that horrible cheater Bashy.

Man. You guys really are amazing trolls. The people on here who’ve told me I’m really bad at trolling are, quite frankly, right. I can’t compare.

*clap, clap*

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