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Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re


Level 9 Re-Re

Vote for me as Top Male Model because I'm the cute underdog

OK, I hadn’t been on here in like foreverz, so I’m sure no one here knows me. Since my last forumwarz hiatus I’ve been busy with college, work, video games, and making a stupid youtube show (srs business). I realized that with any web show, you need some shameless advertising, and you always have to pay for it. But since I love FW so much for their web parody, I figured a good way to do it would be in a FW contest.

The prize in this simple contest is a whopping 20 BP. That’s all the BP I got left (yea, I love this game THAT much)

Let me explain. I made a gaming web show (original, amirite?) with a friend of mine. And the first episode just came out recently, with a bunch more we’ve already filmed on their way. The show is located here:

here are the rules to this ludicrous contest:

1. Post the youtube account you will be using to post your video response with on this thread. I will not accept it if the timestamp shows the response before the post on here. This is to prevent people from claiming other people’s entries.

2. Watch any video I have posted at (which is most likely just one, but another should be coming out soon)

3. You need to reply to the video with a video response, any length. The subject of your video response HAS to be about the show. It also can’t be a trolling video (you know, like some kids screaming and singing or some annoying **** like that. Or negative comments that aren’t constructive). If you have a genuine negative response to the show, just make it constructive at least so we can ****ing learn something from it.

4. Rack up as many hits on YOUR response video as possible.

5. Wait until contest is over at precisely Sunday April 5, 2009 17:00 EST. That’s 5 PM for you non thinking types.

A winrar is determined by which video response has the largest number of hits at the time the contest ends. Yes, I will be there to keep track of it, but you can take screenshots for insurance that there is no dispute just in case some are close calls.

It’s a simple and easy contest that could mean a whole plate of enough brownie points to stuff even the fattest of fatties.

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